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, jovan belcher's actions and their position connection to football will be analyzed. who knows? but here wrote jason whitlock is what i believe if jovan belcher didn't possess a gun he and cassandra perkins would both be alive today. >> the 93-year-old costas has gotten a bit of blow back for his comment as the nra-ceo said, quote, people turn on nbc to watch a football game and didn't want to listen to bob costas make excuses about a murder and wining about his social agenda of gun bans in the middle of a football game. remi, let's go to you first. whether you believe in gun control or not, i can't remember. it is half time at a chief hfs panthers -- chiefs-panthers game which for your information is football. really the best place to make a political statement? >> yes. isn't that where everybody should make their political statements? no, i don't watch football. i do watch sports. i like to hear if i am listening to tennis. he is fantastic. if he started spouting some political or social beliefs that have to do with gun control or abortion, would i turn it off and i would never watch h
this stupid, stupid video made a song for himself. >> a little 1%er coming in on the action. i am tired of the rich people -- i am not rich. >> stupid rich people. >> seriously. >> it is better than having poor people tell you what you want to do. >> do something. >> can't even tell myself what to do. >> what if ed asner told you you needed to add pinch? >> i would have mocked him and talked about the head and neck. that's assault. >> you know asner is a 9/11 truther. why doesn't that matter to the teachers union? >> they are teachers and they should care about that. it is history. >> is there some hilarious holocausters. >> i don't know. me is in a movie september mom i think it is called. >> did she do it? >> i don't know. it is with woody harrelson and martin sheen. >> what a think tank that is. >> remember when "the exorcist " came out they had barf bags, i am old, they should have barf bags on that movie. the communications director says "the blaze watts was not intended fore children. >> so they floated it? >> who was it for? >> the cartoon was for adults. >> have i a vast collect
actions if there is not criminal. you have to remember that this suspect was described as someone who might have mental problems and incapacity as far as his mental state he could have been formulated by someone else and guided and provided with information and a conspiracy, you know. it is really what i am talking about and somebody could have put him up and gave him information and completed the conspiracy. and then you would need to prosecute that individual. so it needs to be done because this early in the investigation, you county don't know -- what you have except for the victims. >> we are getting a little bit of an idea who he was. and the new york times and reporting about how socially acward he high school. and few freppeds and he didn't center a book book -- face book page we are getting a glimpse of him tonight . but the detectives. they have to dig deeper, are they not? >> they are going to dig deeper for weeks and maybe longer than that. they will do an autopsy on his mind and his life as well as his body. they are going to figure out who he was talking to and what high
no disciplinary action. since its released three state departments resigned. after this mess i need something to cheer me up. >> i hope he is not driving. >> so you have 29 ways. i am trying to read this thing through. this is one of those reports that they do that say all of these things that need to be done and that were wrong, and then it is so overwhelming they don't ever do anything about it. >> because hillary clinton is leaving. well, problem solved. we've got a report -- we've got to report that the person in charge is gone now, and we can't blame the new guy. it is awful and hideous. i think part of what you see with this and the press treatment, this is the real meaning of obama's election. there is going to be a lot of stuff that went kerfluie. i don't think the press and the government i don't even think the republicans will push it. >> that's bad. >> i think so. i had a cold for awhile. >> it is a combination of two words. >> i think it is in the mad magazine lexicon. >> cerflewie is one of the names of my daughters so tread carefully. >> this is pretty horrible i think. we know
. >> it is true. you niver can fully prepare because you never know what the scenario is. we have emergency action plans for these shooters. and this is what the situation was. and we have police officers and detectives and units that train for this all of the time for this type of scenario. and so when they turn out. they establish a perimeter and set up a mobile command base and ploy the troops and vet information as it comes in. and they will usually work in a minimum of four teems that go through the door and do a grid search. and maybe they will access to poigns of the building and being aware of the cross fire scenario to stay away from that. they go in and they don't know if the doors are booby trapped or if there is more than one shooter. and those people may not have all of the information. after columbine. one of the changes in dealing with law enforcements, as in columbine they waited a minute to assess what was going o. and the protocall is you go in and try to get to the shooter as soon as possible. and that meeps the first guys in there are putting their in harm's ways. a crime like
here in action. i don't see anything. that's why it works. as guy kramer tells the daily mail, the psychological affect is they don't know when or how they have them surrounded. how can you hit a target you can mott see? how do you defend from the invisible? let's discuss in the. >> lightning roooouuuunnndd. lightning round. >> diane, as a woman are you worried this technology will eventually fall into the wrong hands, ie perverts like bill? >> more concerned about that, yes. i actually don't -- i think this technology sounds really cool, and i hope it is in the right hands and armies like ours, but it can fall in the hands of countries we don't want to have it. i wish more would go back to the time of swords and bay yawn nets and sling shots so people had to go there and fight and get hurt. it was easier to beat someone up, but you weren't killing anybody this mass numbers. >> i think more people died that way. >> and the leaders had to march in. >> i miss when people had to have their legs sawed off. you are a monster. >> it shouldn't be so easy to kill people. >> you are ag
, but that can't be an excuse for an action. surely we can do better than this. in the coming weeks i will use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens from law enforcement to mental health professionals to parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. >> on monday white house press secretary jay carney says the issue will require a, quote, comprehensive solution, end quote involving gun control and other measures. and dianne feinstein has said she will introduce a de phak toe renewal of the ban expired in 2004. republican congressman noted on fox news sunday that stricter gun control does not necessarily mean that crime rates go down. >> washington, d.c. should be the safest place in america, it is not. ig chicago should be safe. it is not. their gun laws don't work. >> ambassador on monday, the senator who is an avid -- i'm sorry, democrat who is an avid hunter and nra member. he said gun control legislation should be -- needs to be part of a discussion. have we -- are we see a shift in the gun control debate in the tone at least? >> it
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)